Book Review - On Purpose by Shaun Smith & Andy Milligan | Workplace
12th April 2017

Book Review: On Purpose

I have been evangelical for years about Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow but it seems I have a new favourite. On Purpose by Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan is easy to read, interesting and thought provoking… what more can you ask of a business book?

Throughout reading, I was constantly scribbling great snippets I wanted to remember into my journal (if you get the digital version you can go straight through to useful references). Shaun and Andy do a great job of making the complex simple, which isn’t always easy when reading business books written by academics.

The book is filled with stories and perfect examples of customer experience in practice, told by CEOs from a wide range of sectors. I particularly loved the Citizen M story having just stayed one of their hotels and also stories of brands we respect even though we don’t interact with real people, such as Amazon. It’s refreshing to read about companies that have really thought things through and worked out how to deliver an outstanding and unique customer experience – often started by trying to be a disrupter in their marketplace, fixing the things that they know their customers don’t like about their competitors.

I not only found On Purpose to be quick and easy to read, but very practical – it gave me plenty of ideas for things I can do. The last two chapters about putting On Purpose into practice are really helpful. As they say themselves, if you have looked at Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with Why’, this book helps you get “from Why to How”. I’d recommend this book for a wide range of people – business leaders, marketing people and line managers. I’d also grab a copy if I worked in an HR role – there are so many terrific ideas and examples that show what a properly joined up HR strategy can look like.

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