The hidden health benefits of shared workspaces
12th June 2017

The hidden health benefits of shared workspaces

Last week was Mental Health Week and it got us talking with our members about if they thought they felt healthier since they started working in a shared workspace than they did working from home.

We had already read statistics that said 60% of people working in shared spaces felt more relaxed at home since starting to co-work and 70% reported they felt healthier working in shared space. We wanted to know if this was true for our members.

The resounding answer was yes – in many many ways. From simply getting some exercise, by commuting on the tram to work, to the social aspects of how interacting with another person and being able to look them in the eyes rather than talk just on the phone made them feel healthier and more positive. One of our members, Lysha Holmes of Qui Recruitment often shares gorgeous pictures from her commute that makes her happy and demonstrates how great commuting can be!

The benefits of networking

Professor Cary Cooper, the renowned workplace psychologist, talks in many of his papers, blogs, and social media posts about the benefits of face to face and how we are social animals that require human interaction.

“Quite remarkably, the degree of mortality risk associated with lack of social relationships is similar to that which exists for more widely publicised risk factors, such as smoking.”

This is proven by the response many of our members had to how this alone had improved their wellbeing. Although prior to joining a shared workspace, many of our members didn’t know each other, they now look forward to coming in and seeing their “colleagues” and this has a positive effect on mental attitude.

Embracing healthy working

At Workplace, we offer free fruit and have also integrated yoga and a running group into our membership to encourage healthy working. Another member, Lisa Welch from Precise Search has started a lunch-time walking group where members can hop in and out and take a walk together around the city, get some air and exercise and have a chat before returning to work.

“Sitting at your desk all day and working can make you quite lethargic so we decided to get to know the city a little bit better, by taking different walks each day while also getting some exercise and air and having a chat with other members in our lunch break. It is a great way to set ourselves up for a productive afternoon’s work and we are having fun in the process, especially when we came across a very angry goose and her goslings but that is another story!”
Lisa Welch

So, the essential point is, don’t go it alone, join a community or a shared workspace. you will not only improve your productivity but your well-being in the process. But don’t just take it from us, talk to any of our members and they will tell you the same, they feel happier now they are working in a community rather than in isolation.

AUTHOR: Workplace