Taking your meetings off-site - the answer to meeting room shortages
27th June 2017

Off-site meetings – the answer to room shortage?

Picture the scene – you have a business meeting with your accountant, agency or lawyer at their full-staffed office. The meeting room is booked and ready but when you arrive, someone else is already in there and the conversation looks complicated.

So you all hang around the door for a while making chitchat to see if they notice but nothing happens. After much deliberating you’re inclined to interrupt the meeting. But it takes ten minutes to say their farewells and by then you have wasted 20 minutes.

Sorry, this meeting room is booked!

All too often we can be faced with the dilemma of meeting room shortage. Whether it’s because you’ve been bumped by your boss, the room you want is never free or there’s just not enough privacy to talk discreetly, lack of space is something you will have experienced at one point in your career.

This is very frustrating and time-consuming but there can be an alternative answer – off-site and close by.

Taking meetings off-site

In the past, the only alternative to conference room shortage was coffee shops, hotel lobbies or even restaurants! But these can be noisy and unpredictable. With the rise of shared office space and coworking facilities, there’s now an exciting way to arrange meetings – going off-site.

Working in a new atmosphere focuses the mind, increases productivity and minimises the chance of employees wandering back to their desks. With off-site meeting venues, you can set the precedence and remind people that this is boxed off dedicated time to get the job done.

So what is the best way to break away from your existing conference room?

Hire the right meeting space

The first is booking conference rooms for small or larger numbers. Meeting spaces can typically be booked by the half day and full day and provide a private secure environment with free flowing tea and coffee and a host to look after your guests. This works great for board meetings or training sessions and at anything from £75 for half a day – you can work out a very economical way to make sure your room does not get pulled from under you.

For more informal meetings then a great option is to take a lounge membership for your company. At Workplace, we offer quite a unique proposition whereby you are free to host meetings in our business lounge, take advantage of the free illy coffee, tea and biscuits and be surrounded by like-minded professionals. Similar to airport business lounges, we also offer private areas and dedicated space for you to carry out important conversations.

The end of meeting room shortages? 

So there is an answer to the meeting rooms in your office taking up valuable working space that could be generating revenue for your business. Utilise a specialist place that will not only make sure space is available for you but will also give you and your guests a 5-star service.

AUTHOR: Workplace