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19th June 2017

We all need a little head space

“Andy puddicombe is doing for meditation what Jamie Oliver has done for food.”
Alex Williams, New York Times.

We have written quite a lot about healthy living and mindfulness in our blog. If you find it hard to keep on track with this, we’ve found the perfect app for you. In the past we’ve shared a great TED talk by Andy Puddicome about mindfulness (you know the one where an ex-Monk juggles through the talk!) Head Space is an app designed by Andy which, as the title says, helps you to find head space.

Having used this app for the past three months we agree with the above quote from the New York Times; Andy is revolutionising the world of meditation and taking it mainstream – from something only monks or very spiritual people do, to the business man sat on the bus, the mum walking her kids to school and the entrepreneur trying to juggle family, accounts, sales, and the VAT man all at the same time!

Getting started with Head Space

There is a free ten-day trail for the program so you can try before you buy. Once you sign up, either monthly, annually or for a lifetime, you get access to all sorts of different directions in which to take your mind. Despite the annual cost of £79, we can’t recommend this app enough for changing your mental attitude and thought processes towards becoming calmer, more productive and frankly, nicer to be around.

Visualising a calmer mind

The first ten days consist of just ten minutes a day and Andy recommends you do this at the same time every day, preferably in the morning. His soothing English voice guides you through how to empty your mind for your ten minutes and how to guide you back when your mind wanders. This is much harder than it seems, but Andy keeps you on track by helping you to visualise the people that will benefit from your calmer mind. When you move onto the higher levels you can choose different areas that you want to work on such as stress, relationships, productivity, and many more. My particular favourite has been ‘the walking meditation’ – something you can do walking the dog or on the way to the bus stop.

Andy says…

“Headspace is your very own personal trainer, here to help you train your mind”

There are numerous benefits of taking time out for yourself, but you can expect to see great changes in the following areas especially:

– Stress Less

– Sleep Better

– Have happier, healthier relationships

– Manage anxiety

– Sharpen Concentration

image from headspace app - headspace.com


Three months down the line…

I’ve been working with this app for three months. At first I feared I was going to think it was all a bit silly and too bohemian for a city girl like me, but I can honestly say it has completely brought my mind back on track. I had become a real hypothetical worrier – give me a real problem and I could handle it and solve it, but my mind was full of “What if”s that were taking over. Working with Head Space has given me the opportunity to evaluate these, determine what’s important to me and as a result, I am now a habitual Head Spacer.

Stop exercising your worry muscle

Andy has helped me to understand that the brain is a muscle and the more you add stress and worry, the stronger the cortex muscle (which is basically your worry muscle) gets until eventually it is all encompassing. Using Head Space has helped me to stop exercising my worry muscle, and switch to making my positive muscle stronger and more in focus.

That simple lesson was a light bulb moment for me and completely changed my way of thinking – turning me back in to the positive, happy person I have always been in the past. Go and try it – and please share how you get on!

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