Shared workspaces: is your office holding you back?
4th August 2017

Shared workspaces: is your office holding you back?

Everything we do is part of our lifestyle choices: from buying a house, staying in a particular hotel or shops we buy from. At Workplace we wanted to make your shared workspace one of these choices, because having an office tailored to you will ultimately increase your work productivity.

When we first designed Workplace, our aim was to develop an office environment where people genuinely wanted to be. Somewhere they wanted to bring their family, friends and colleagues to show them how fabulous their place of work is.

Forward-thinking, trendy tech companies have led the way. These businesses chose to make the workplace more user friendly by offering benefits and facilities that would entice people to spend more time there. The intention was to make the work environment more engaging and interesting, and ultimately more productive.

Take a look at what Google thinks the workplace should be like. According to a survey, when it changed the structure of its office environment, Google increased employee happiness by 37% . This happiness generates success.

A matter of taste

Some shared workspaces turn the board table into a ping pong table. Others put a beer tap by the coffee machine. But is that the best way to engage your employees? Are these changes truly going to help a business thrive?

The answer is down to individual taste. Ultimately, we are advised to match our work environment to our own lifestyle choices, or those of our employees if we can.

The happiness factor

Warwick University carried out a study on the working environment and found that companies who took notice of the happiness factor in the workplace were 12% more productive. Professor Andrew Oswald, one of three researchers who led the study, said companies that invest in employee support and satisfaction tend to generate more successful workers.

Workplace is geared up to people who have travelled, or have worked in big corporate environments and have a desire for quality and style. When we asked our members what had disrupted their work in previous workplaces, however, cleanliness was high on the list. The main complaints were dirty toilets and untidy kitchen areas, so apparently it is not all about the style and the décor, but how well the environment is kept.

How does your workplace make you feel?

There is so much choice out there for your own workspace. Some people can happily touch down anywhere and be productive, not at all affected by their environment. For most of us, however, we have a desire to feel comfortable and at home. This is all part of our lifestyle choices.

We want to feel good about being at work — happier, healthier, more focused and in control. These things all improve your productivity, but it is not always about how much we can get done. It is more about how you feel personally at the end of the working day. It is about working smarter, not harder. It is a sense of achievement and going home happier.

So, is your workspace holding you back? If your environment doesn’t make you happy, then the answer is ‘yes’. Find a positive and happy shared workspace like Workplace that matches your individual lifestyle choices. That will make you feel more fulfilled, giving you a much higher chance of work productivity and success.

AUTHOR: Workplace