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Member Spotlight: Julian Sowerby, Don’t be Shy

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October, 2015
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As Workplace has continued to grow, we have made it our mission to ensure we understand the needs, desires and interests of each and every member that joins our shared workspace.

Gemma has introduced yoga classes on Thursday evenings, Aaron is supporting members through a free Accountancy Surgery and many other members have plenty to offer.

At Workplace, we consider networking to be of great importance to the growth of a business. We have seen first-hand the value it has added to the Workplace culture. Many of our members have benefited from meeting someone that can support the growth of their business, ourselves included. Whether that has been getting to know somebody over a coffee in the kitchen or becoming aware of opportunities at an internal event in the open lounge. These unique opportunities inspired us to promote a digital networking initiative that features business owners based at Workplace.

This week’s Member Spotlight features Julian Sowerby. Julian is the co-founder of Manchester based, B2B marketing agency, Don’t be Shy – specialists in developing and implementing content-led, digital marketing strategies for businesses across a range of sectors (you can find them in office 17).

Get to know the face behind the agency and find out what Julian had to share with Workplace.


Describe your business in fewer than 15 words

We combine science and art to create showstopping modern marketing communications

Where’s your favourite place for lunch?

Hanging out at the kitchen table with a Pret to hand

What’s your favourite business app, tool or website?

Xero. Set up for small businesses and a dream to use to keep track of invoicing and bills. Saves a fortune on accountants!

Tell us your best joke

Q: What’s the fastest cake?
A: scone

Do you have a party trick?

I do a mean impersonation of Simon Le Bon!

What’s the one thing people should come to you for advice about?

Why they have spent money on marketing and aren’t getting the returns they expected.


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Damsel in Distress Kit

Author since:
October, 2015
61 blog posts

I am on a mission to make 2017 less chaotic. In a bid to do this I am trying to be organised so that I don’t spend so much time looking for papers, keys, shoes etc. as I have done through the previous years. One of my main rules for 2016 was that I don’t touch a piece of paper more than once, so if I open a letter and it is a bill, I pay it and file it without putting it down… job done and it has really worked for me.

Whilst Christmas shopping I came across a small purse called “Damsel in Distress” which contains 24 emergency items for you to carry in your bag that might be useful. This sparked a fantastic idea for me. Most of the 24 things in the bag were not items I would ever need, but I do often during the day either ask my colleagues for items or I am asked for items that people need. With this in mind, I decided to put a little kit together to carry in my bag of items I am often missing or that other people are often missing.

I got my little purse and I then asked a few friends about the items they often need and I now have everything I or others might need in an emergency. So here’s what we decided were our “emergency” items…

– Tissues – always an essential!

– Wet Wipes – not just for cleaning fingers but as an emergency deodorant or to clean a dirty table on the train!

– £1, 50p and 20p coin – we decided this covered everything from a shopping trolley, money for a public toilet, small amount of car park change or an emergency Mars Bar purchase!

– Stamp

– Small phone charger – I’m always either needing this or being asked if we have a plug for a certain phone – I think this will be used lots!

– Painkillers

– Plasters

– Hand cream… not just for your hands, works well to smooth frizzy Manchester damp hair!

– Tape Measure – I’m often out and about and wonder what that picture measures, would it fit etc.

– Small mending kit with needle – multi-use item again!

– Pen

– Small note pad or post-it

– Lip balm

– Small sample perfume

– Mints

– Hand sanitiser

– Nail file… for your nails (or getting out of jail?!)

These are our emergency items but you might have other ‘essential’ things. We also think our male colleagues would benefit from a male version of this to keep in their desks – often at work it’s the men that don’t have these items since they don’t carry around the huge bags many of our female colleagues do, so we are now set to make one of these up for the men in our lives.

As you can see, I am now the go-to person if you are in need…. strange throw-back memory of “being prepared” in the Brownies!

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