Member Spotlight: Lisa Welch - Workplace

Member Spotlight: Lisa Welch

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December, 2016
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With the changing nature of today’s typical office environment, we all need a productive place to call ‘work’. Here at Workplace, we’re particularly proud of the diverse and highly talented professionals that choose to use our facilities for proworking. No two members are the same and no more is this reflected than in our member’s spotlight.

This week we’re talking to the dynamic and talented recruiter, Lisa Welch of Precise Search.

Describe your business in fewer than 15 words
Recruitment and Talent management. Specialising in supplying dynamic, quality, proven professionals.

What inspired you to start/join your company?
Having the flexibility to work with clients as an extension of their own in-house recruitment team, which enables me to have fully open and honest relationship with both hiring managers and candidates. Conducting analysis of the current set up or lending a hand with ad-hoc or specialist roles. The variety and diversity of client requirements whether recruiting a Project Manager in Africa or Russia or a volunteer within the charitable sector, they all bring different challenges.

Where’s your favourite place for lunch?
Sat in the hills overlooking a lake or on a beach, I love to be near water, I guess that wasn’t really the question but I’m a bit dull…I’m a very picky veggie and love Prets avocado & herb wrap. I can see you drooling at the thought!

What’s your favourite business app, tool or website?
Linkedin is probably my favourite and worst all in one!

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?
Kick! Kick!!!
I did a static line parachute jump and my parachute didn’t open correctly, I was so in awe of the views I forgot to look up. The one-way radio (in my helmet) had people shouting “kick!” In order to unravel the slither of silk that was to bring me down gently.

Tell us your best joke or share your party trick?
I can make drinks disappear!

What’s the one thing people should come to you for advice about?
Honesty regarding recruitment (both as a business/hiring manager or candidate).

How can people learn more about what you’re doing?
By bribing me with chocolate! Or, alternatively, saying “Hello” (I don’t bite) and asking. Or join in one of the daily walks that I organise.

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Proworking – coworking for grown ups

Author since:
December, 2016
33 blog posts

When Workplace first launched in October 2015 we talked a lot about what feel the venue would have and the quality of facilities and service it would offer. Having researched the market and looked at many other mixed use business spaces we decided that we wanted to be different. We wanted to open up this way of working to attract more professional services as well. Most of our members don’t fit the mould of traditional co-workers, they’re mature professionals with a different set of priorities. So we understood we needed to approach this differently.

After batting around a few ideas we started to call this “coworking for grown ups”. Then during a focus group with some of our members and the people who had helped us get this far, someone said in passing “it’s not coworking it’s more proworking” and so the phrase was born.

Changing the face of co-working

So what is proworking? Well, our members are generally consultants or from a professional background. They have worked for other people and have now gone into business for themselves. They are freelancers and pioneers. They are start-ups but not necessarily straight out of university. They are scale ups trying to take the next leap. They are remote workers that need to get their head down amongst like-minded individuals.

So why is this all so different? Well, you really need to visit and to feel and see the difference that Workplace have made on the sharing economy for workspace.

Surround yourself with professionals who love what they do

What you will find at Workplace is a very well and highly designed environment, which offers the quality of service and facilities you would expect from a boutique hotel. We are not about forced networking, we are about nurturing organic relationships. We host member’s breakfast events, wine tasting or business seminars. Our members enjoy the relationships they forge but do not come to us for a social life, they have friends and family that they want to get back to at the end of a busy day.

What you will find is subtle introductions, chats over a coffee, a feature in our member’s spotlight. As business people ourselves we are happy to use our knowledge of our members so that we can always introduce an accountant to someone looking for help with VAT, a designer who can help an app builder or a technology expert who can help a cyber security company. We pride ourselves on getting to know our members and making the right connections…

So back to my original question – What is Proworking? Well, what do you look for in your place of work? To us, it’s a professional, comfortable environment which encourages and enhances the growth of your business.

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