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Introducing the Youth Charter Trust by Arthur Ward – Kkandoo English

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October, 2015
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Arthur Ward is a member at Workplace Manchester and owner of Kkandoo who place graduates in China to teach English. For more information about what Arthur does take a look at a past blog  about Kkandoo

I was fortunate to be invited to the opening of the new offices for The Youth Charter Trust in  The Landing  at Media City, Salford on Tuesday 12/12/17. The Youth Charter is a UK based registered charity and United Nations Non Governmental Organisation with a proven track record in the creation and delivery of social and human legacy development programmes and projects.

With web based interactive educational and research tools for young people, communities and youth professionals, the Youth Charter aims to provide young people with an opportunity through sport, arts, cultural activity, and work to develop in life.

Geoff Thompson – Chairman of the Your Charter 

The founder and executive chairman of the Youth Charter is Geoff Thompson. He has spent many years developing policies and innovative approaches looking at the role of sport, art and cultural activities and their social impact in addressing anti-social youth behavior, child obesity, weapon and gang culture. He is also now a board member at Salford Business school. and chair of the board at The University of East London – to name just a couple of positions he fills.

And did I mention he is also is one of the greatest martial arts competition fighters of his generation. Five times World United Karate Organisation champion and holder of over 50 national and international titles. And just to make sure he has everything covered… his wife is also an ex world karate champion!

GB Sports Council

In 1988, Geoff was a participant in the government’s review of sport in the inner cities following the urban riots that swept through the UK. Two years later, he was appointed to the GB Sports Council (now Sport England). He was part of the ambassadorial team involved in promoting Manchester’s bid for the 2000 Olympics and the successful bid for the 2002 Commonwealth Games. And he’s also an MBE.


There was a mixed selection of people at the opening including representatives from the Mayors Offices in Salford , who had donated the new offices free of charge.

Getting graduates to teach English in China

A very interesting addition was one “Pearl Rivers” a woman from Alabama and lead singer with “The Flirtations” a sort of Motown group who she tells me were “big” in Northern soul.   A business partner of mine came along with me hoping to talk to Geoff about new graduates going to China to teach English.  One of his key objectives is to improve the percentage of graduates from The University of East London getting work after graduation – which stands at 77% currently(which is low).


It was a rewarding night. Some of the speeches were a little emotional and all were passionate.  It’s strange to see a 6’6’’ ex world karate champion get emotional when talking about his journey and the help provided by Salford council. But there was a feel good factor listening to all that goes on trying to help young people reach their potential.

Intern Experience

Maybe we should all think about that when working to make a few quid ourselves. On a practical note the guy from Salford told me they are always looking to get intern experience for their students and graduates so any one looking, take note where they are.

For more information

and if you would like to know more about Kkandoo and teaching English in China, there are always opportunities for graduates.  Contact

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Addicted to your smartphone...? read Irresistible by Adam Atler.

Author since:
October, 2015
86 blog posts

Book review – Irresistible – Adam Atler

As part of a business group who have a book to read every three months, this was last quarters book and has been addictive by the Workplacer’s of Manchester.

Modern addiction might not worry you, but it does me.  I never leave the house without my phone and if by accident I do, I will go back to get it, or I will just feel not quite at ease until I am reunited with my phone.  This causes me quite a lot of worry as to how much head space I commit to this small metal and plastic object.

This is quite an interesting article from the Telegraph a few years ago and I think this has just got worse over time.

It also concerns me how immediate this makes our lives.  I can be found and interrupted at any time and if I get a text a reply is required immediately.  Anything you do can be posted on social media immediately and we don’t have any secrets anymore as if we don’t post what we are doing there is a good chance someone else will.  This then gives me worries about privacy and I quite like being private for time to time.

All of this is further worrying for the shear amount of time that we spend looking at our phones.  I recently listened to an interview with Judy Dench about being recognised and she said that hardly anyone sees you anymore as most people spend their time looking down at their phones.  Well if I am missing Judy Dench, what else am I missing by spending so much time on my phone.

Irresistible is a scientifically research book and it investigates how much time we spend interacting with our phones and great subjects as to “Why does the person who invented the iPad not let his children have one?”   Simply because he knows they have been created to appeal to our addictions.  That is why you can do so much on your smartphone now.  The makers of smartphones don’t want you to have a camera, they want you to use your phone so that you see if you have a message or email as you go to take the picture, therefore cameras on phones are getting better and better.  This in turn makes us want and need our phones more and more so that we than want a better phone and the sales keep on rolling in for the phone makers.

I am looking at my phone an average of 3 hours, 7 minutes per day and this is 2% less than average.  I use my phone for work, so much of this time is work time but even so… appalling don’t you think.  I now monitor how  much I am on my phone  as in the first pages of his book  Atler requests that you download an app that will monitor your usage.  I did just this and even though I can’t limit my daytime usage I do now put my phone away in the evening and at the weekends and I am monitoring my usage so that I cut down the time I use my phone.  I have a simple little alarm clock as I am not allowing myself technology upstairs and I have started to read a book again at night rather than check my Facebook page or look at shopping pages.

All these changes I want to make as I don’t want my phone to control my life.  This book helps you to understand the science behind technology addiction and how, if you want to, to get over that addiction.  I wanted to, and I would recommend this book as a brilliant read for anyone who feels the same.  Take a look and if nothing else download the app “moment” and see what your screen time really is.



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