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Member spotlight: David Powell

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October, 2015
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Gone are the days when coworking spaces existed just for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Nowadays, coworking spaces have evolved to offer big benefits for larger businesses too. David Powell, Recruitment Manager at Hyper Recruitment Solutions is proof of this.

Hyper Recruitment has offices, roles and clients based across the UK so it’s extra important to have a professional coworking spot, central in Manchester, to meet with potential clients and handle business enquiries. Luckily, Workplace offers all of this.

We spoke with David to learn more about his role as a Recruitment Manager and the perks of working from a central city centre location.

Describe your business in fewer than 15 words
Our vision is to provide recruitment services that will assist in improving quality of life for all.

What inspired you to start/join your company?
I first worked with one half of the owners Ricky Martin 11 years ago and believed in his vision and passion to do something better.

What’s the best thing about being your own boss?
I’m not my own boss but I do get to learn lots working with Ricky and Lord Alan Sugar.

Where’s your favourite place for lunch?
Locally it would be tapas and cocktails at Refuge.

What’s your favourite business app, tool or website?
In my world of recruitment it would be Linked In but nothing will ever replace good old fashioned talking.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?
Find out what your team enjoy doing the most and take away the things they don’t so they can concentrate on what they enjoy doing.

Tell us your best joke or share your party trick?
What’s the fastest cake in the world?

What’s the one thing people should come to you for advice about?
Anything about recruiting people in the life sciences, health and pharmaceutical markets.

How can people learn more about what you’re doing?
Visit the website or ideally come and talk to me.

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Meeting the right people in the right place – where to go what to do.

Author since:
October, 2015
93 blog posts

The way in which we meet for business has changed a lot over the last few years.  With it, the role of people who regularly book meetings or events is changing too. Whether it’s a meeting for 2 or 200 people, it’s no longer just about cost, co-ordination, and schedules – delegate experience is now at the centre of it all.

Flexible Meeting

Often the role of the meeting room booker is only a small part of their job and so ease of booking and reliability is the key to decision making.  They also want to make sure that flexibility to change requirements is permitted.  Why sign up to contracts that mean you must pay or your meeting space if you cancel once you have booked.  Venues like Workplace where if you don’t cancel within a two-week window you won’t be charged are available. There are many reasons why choosing the right meeting venue will give a better return on investment and value for money.

Many more companies are opting to hold meetings out of hotels so that they are not seen as a jolly and are judged as more serious.  At the other end small meetings for 2 who have over the years moved to the local coffee shop are again looking for venues that offer the relaxed atmosphere but not the distraction.  After all, do you want your top people discussing business shoulder to shoulder with a shopper or even worse your competitor?

Workplace Manchester has been at the forefront of this change. Our team have helped to plan and execute, unique, impactful, and productive meetings and events which leave colleagues, delegates and attendees inspired, engaged, and fulfilled.

Inspired Design

Workplace offers beautifully designed, innovative spaces created by blending boutique hotel style and high-end design into a corporate environment. The environment is ideal for all kinds of meeting and events, including board meetings, launches, trainings, conferences, and workshops.  The team at Workplace have years of experience and will ensure that your meeting is a great success and creates the right impression. This is the perfect environment in which to collaborate, share ideas, strategize, build relationships, and solve challenges.


Our individually designed, high specification meeting rooms can seat 2 to 60 people. If it is a larger business social event, then a presentation for up to 100 with refreshment space is available for evenings and weekend.  Stylish settings are provided, and seating can be adapted to suit your requirements, whether you are looking for boardroom, theatre, cabaret, u-shape, or standing.

Technology can make or break a meeting, which is why our meeting rooms are designed to be easy to use yet powerful. All our rooms can be equipped with audio conference phones, HD screens and projectors connecting via HDMI and VGA cables.

Delicious Food

Refreshments are also something that need to be easily accessible so going to a venue where you can get a high-quality latte as and when you want it is important.  Being able to take coffee breaks at a time that suite you and the venue and where you will not be charged for each serving are available and the best choice.  Open for lunch? Yes, that is possible  we and catering can be provided be it a quick breakfast, buffet lunch or afternoon tea.

There are many reasons to take your meeting off site and productivity is proved to increase if the environment is correct.

Prime Location

Manchester is a great choice for meetings and it is worth looking at venues that you would not normally think would be available to outside business.


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