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Help! I want a luxury coworking space that is not just for young techies

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If your idea of a great coworking does not include access to table football and free beer, then you might be looking in the wrong places for your ideal space.  When work is life and life is work, you need a place that gets you, but where is that?

Today’s workforce ideal has moved considerably.  The attraction of flexible workspace, the gig economy, easy and immediate technology access to others have exceeded career ambitions once stuck in routine, reliability and habit driven plans.

It must be said that a nail has been driven into the desk of the corporate office, and it is not for a refurbishment programme!  Yet, while the desire to work differently has changed, have we seen our work environment step up to the challenge of our new dreams.  In some way it has but many of the new coworking spaces are using the same blueprint and it certainly does not work for everyone.

An estimated 3.8 million people will be coworking by 2020

The steady increase in remote working has given rise to the coworking revolution. A nerdy stat: In 2007 there were only 14 coworking businesses on earth. Now, 11 years later, there are more than 11,000. Another 15,000 establishments are foretasted to open doors in the next 2.5 years. This is an annual growth of 23.8% and a foretasted increase. in the number of people looking to become coworking members is estimated to be 3.8 million by 2020.

In simple terms that means that there are and will be a lot of people looking to tap in to this collaborative workspace environment.  Why then are so many offering the same style and service as every other coworking space.  The need to move to this kind of environment was because not everyone wants to work the same way.  And yet we are driving everyone down the same road with the main offering of coworking space being freebies and party nights rather than access to a productive working environment with a return on investment.


At Workplace we feel that up until now the target’s been missed. We’ve been serious flexible workers, coworking members, and cafe working addicts for many years.  Steadily on the look out to find our new “ideal spot” born from the ashes of our corporate desks. We could never find “proworking” and our search went on in Manchester for a few years.

This meant we became virtual nomads, hopping for seat to seat in various locations and it worked well for a while.  Then we wanted stability and the surroundings of a venue with a private community of established professionals.

Where were the coworking spaces that nurtured a mix of creative juice and professional vibe? Sometimes we needed to buckle down and plough through the work…but others, we want to unwind and let our minds work on the peripheral for creative problem solving. Sometimes we work (productive), sometimes we lounge (creative).  Sound familiar?

But instead of continuing to complain about the situation, we saw opportunity, and started Workplace.


Introducing Workplace — A New Kind of Coworking

Building on the demands of the new breed of remote worker, entrepreneur, solo and freelancers, with the knowledge of what stimulates productivity, and using our decades of hospitality experience we set about creating the environment we could not find for ourselves.

In our minds we didn’t want the typical shared workspace, we wanted a cross over between an airport 1st class lounge and a hotel lobby or bar.  We wanted more than a workplace we wanted a refined social hub, a place to be seen, to be recognised and included but mostly to do good work.

It needed to be professional and stylish enough for CEOs and Directors of companies to arrive, feel at ease, and sign deals. Think plush, think design, think quality.

But it couldn’t be stuffy. The environment had  to be relaxed enough to inspire innovation between fellow entrepreneurs who need room to express, coffee to ignite conversation, and beers to crack at the end of the day.

It needed to stimulate creativity by supporting our natural urge to “change scenery,” without forcing members to leave and find a nearby café.

There is a  needed to be professional, innovative, happy, energising, calm, and abuzz, all in one. A lot to ask for but we know what we need people to feel about Workplace and what we want their memories of us to be.


With Workplace, you get it all

It’s the coworking space that rises to the ultimate challenge of diversity and professionalism. It’s the social-work-environment we’ve been hunting for.

Meeting rooms and private offices give members and guests the tools and opportunity to build, problem solve, and analyse. Private lounge space to support small team meetings, phone calls, and provide the privacy for important conversations.

Workplace, we support the countless environments mobile workers thrive in. Whether you’re in the need for a boardroom meeting for 20, or the hush of peace and quiet, you have space. And it’s all on the shared economy.  Better economy equals a better return on investment for your business.

One style does not fit all and there is a more sophisticated way of coworking than you think.

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Take a look at the Workplace Complete Guide to Coworking to answer all your  questions about coworking.




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Workplace Manchester offers great flexibility with  day desk hire, coworking, reserved desks, offices and meeting space.





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Member Spotlight: Laura Saxon and Rachel Luke

Jane Schofield
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March, 2017
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This week we talk to Laura Saxon and Rachel Luke. Laura and Rachel are emerging communications professionals and are both Account Executives at COUCH.

Describe your business in fewer than 15 words

Laura: COUCH is a new breed of health communications that exists to improve everyone’s lives.

Rachel: Fun, forward-thinking and keen on personal development.

What inspired you to start/join your company?

Laura: The company’s desire to be different and unconventional, all for the benefit of people in need, which in healthcare, is everyone.

Rachel: Common interest in meaningful work and good ethics.

Where’s your favourite place for lunch?

Laura: Chilango, which is conveniently next door!

Rachel: Flok, in the Northern Quarter.

What’s your favourite business app, tool or website?

Laura: Probably LinkedIn, it’s good for networking.

Rachel: LinkedIn – it is how I found this job!

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given? (optional)

Laura: You’re never stupid for asking questions, in fact. you’re more the fool if you don’t.

Rachel: Don’t make assumptions.

Tell us your best joke or share your party trick?

Laura: I’m strangely really good at limbo.

What’s the one thing people should come to you for advice about? 

Laura: Anything, I’m all ears.

Rachel: Travel.

When you are not working what are you normally found doing?

Laura: Writing, literature and history are my thing. So you could probably bump into me at a National Trust property or a spoken word night.

Rachel: Volunteering at a refugee charity – RAPAR, seeing friends or swimming.  I also love travelling so can often be found with my passport in hand.

How can people learn more about what you’re doing?

Laura: Ask me!

Rachel: Instagram – @rachaelseanagh

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