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Top 5 Tips for Business Success in 2019

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October, 2015
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Business Success is all you strive for as an entrepreneur.  As 2018 comes to close it is time to start planning for 2019.   What will your business look like in 2019?   There are hundreds of points you could look at doing but one on the list is to “stay focused” so here are 5 key ideas.

1. Get your stuff in order

Business success can’t be achieved if you are working in chaos and especially if you don’t know what you can see in your accounts .  Time and time again businesses leave it till the end of the year before they start to put their accounts in order.  If something has gone amiss then this is too late to fix any issues.  A big recommendation is, get an accounting system that you can control.  Unless you are a bigger company and have more funds, leaving this to your accountant can cost more than you need to spend.  You can also be left waiting to see if you are making any money.  Xero accounting (and there are others available) does exactly this.  Xero talks to you in everyday language, not accountancy speak.  It is very quick and simple to use and gives you access on a day by day bases as to what your profit is – very important if you are going to be a success!!

2. Marketing

In a down turn or when you are just starting out and have no money, spending on marketing is tough.  However, business success can only be achieved by increasing sales. Whether your business is booming or needs some help you can’t  stop investing in marketing.  A good way to assess your marketing spend is on a % of sales. Many companies will look at 10% of sales on marketing.  This may or may not be comfortable with you and there are lots you can do for so called FREE imediatly. Remember though that nothing is entirely free as if you are going to do all your marketing and sales yourself it takes time, and this is money.   There are many ways to make your business stand out from the crowd. However, needs must and it is possible to get great results without having to part with any cash.

      A few recommendations to help are;

  •   Make sure your Google My Business Page is active and up to date. You need to do something on this page every day.      This simply takes time and is a number 1 tip for getting your business ranked higher on google.
  • Get google reviews on your business. The best way of selling is testimonials so make sure you encourage your customers to leave a google review.  This can then be used in two ways – to increase your ranking on google and to screen shot and share on social media.
  • Use a good CRM system – HubSpot is good and you can monitor your customers, social media and mailing with a good system. It could be a sledge hammer to crack a nut for some though.  Mailchimp is very well known and good for keeping your GDPR in line and mailing out to your customers and prospects.  Don’t think email marketing is junk mailing, written properly and with good call to actions it is imperative.
  • Tell your story on social media, post what your customers want to read, be real and be active. There are loads of courses on being effective on this and in many areas for free.  Don’t just wing this, learn how to do it well or you will be spending time with no results.
  • Network both in person and on-line and learn how to do this well. LinkedIn is a great source of new contacts as are many networking events but choose these carefully as you could spend 24 hours a day in networking events… choose the ones that are valuable.

3. Be friendly and approachable

We have all had contact with businesses who are amazingly helpful and then again those who are just rude.  Don’t go in to business unless you can be approachable and friendly, or customers will simply not want to interact from you or give you their money.  You must make customers want to interact with you and grumpy does not cut.  If you want to be a success you must be friendly and approachable, no matter what kind of a day you are having.  Your personal brand of customer service is what will make the difference between you and the rest.

4. Stay Focused

It is so easy in your own business to lose focus because there is so much to do, and you are trying to be everything to everyone.  One way to keep focused is to diaries a couple of hours a week of time out of work.  This is time to away from the business to sit, think, read, contemplate and make sure you are staying focused on the important. If you can, get a mentor, someone you can talk to and who can kick you in the right direction and be honest about your business.

5. Invest in your existing customers

Free trials and discounts if you buy, join, or subscribe are everywhere but what about your regular or existing customers?  Make sure that you are investing and valuing your existing customers to make sure they continue to be customers.  Doing simple things like sending a thank you note or writing a Christmas card that is not just signed but the time is taken to leave a personal note can be just enough.   Offering loyalty bonuses or discounts are the other end of the extreme and may give you the business success you need.  Mostly it is about staying connected and showing you care.

2019 has the prospect of being the best year for business success.  All you have to do is move towards your end goal.



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6 Ways to make your small business stand out from the crowd

Author since:
October, 2015
102 blog posts

For a small business competition is everywhere and many companies make bold claims of being #1.  It is very difficult to break through these competitors and stand out, but it is not impossible.   Differentiation is often talked about as one of the main challenges’ small businesses face.  We are forced to compete against big companies with large budgets and infrastructure.

Here are a few ways you can easily and cheaply economically stand out from the crowd. How many of these are in your strategy and how many can you work on to get the step ahead?

1. Be the best at what you do

Are you honestly better than your competitors and can you prove it to yourself.  Are you able to tell people clearly and simply how you differentiate from the rest and do you make sure that this is on your website and all over your social media links.  You need to be able to simply say what you do and how you do it and what value you offer.

2. Provide Legendary Customer Service.


Treat your customers like royalty.  Service is not just for hotels, restaurants and shops.  Every business, even when you don’t come face to face with your customer must get customer experience right.  Every interaction is an experience. It is not possible with anything we do not to have an experience of some type – make sure that yours is the best it can be. There is a huge loyalty generating power from remarkable customer service that you need to be aware of.  You will be amazed at how little many companies genuinely care about this.


3. Google My Business


If you have a premises make sure that you use Google My Business and update this every day.  This will help your ranking with Google like nothing else.  If you are not using Google My Business to stand out from the pack, you are missing a huge trick.

4. Reinvention

Come up with something new and have a new story all the time.  Keep an eye on what your customers are looking for and what their behaviour is.  Adapt to this and make sure you are offering what your customers and potential customers need.  Get reviews and feedback to learn from your customers.  Look at the reviews customers leave on your competitors products or services.  This is a great way to adapt to what your customers need from you.  Too many companies look at what their competitors are doing and completely miss what their customers want.

5. Start a blog

Share your ideas on your web site and on social media and get your voice heard.  Learn how to blog effectively and create links correctly.  You can do this yourself and there is loads of help on-line.  Keep your blogs and information current and relevant and you will get noticed for what you do.  Key words used in these blogs are so important.  Make sure that you use a regular set of key words that are words people us to search for your products.  This will also help your ranking on google.  With blogs you can own your market by getting your message out to your prospective customers and being effective,

6.Offer a Guarantee.

Can you guarantee next-day delivery? Are you confident enough in your product or service to stand behind it 100%? If so, guarantee it. Adding this type of assurance to your marketing message shows customers and prospects that you truly care about their satisfaction. Here’s the only thing you need to remember: you must back up your guarantee when the time comes.


Getting your small business above any of your competitors when you are new, and they are established is not a walk in the park.   It takes work, passion and enthusiasm.  I can guarantee to you that the difference between you and the rest will be if you can be “bothered” to make that difference.  Many small businesses when the owner is wearing every hat, talk a good story.  They will dip in and out of these things from time to time, normally when sales are down.  If you are the one who continually looks at one or more of these ideas, you will make giant strides.   Your small business will stand out from the crowd and this can only turn in to profit.


Workplace is a 5 star coworking and serviced office company in Manchester and is perfectly positioned on Oxford Street, close to Oxford Road Station and only 10 minutes walk from Piccadilly Station.  It has easy access with the tram system in Manchester being only a few steps from  Albert Square.  Full Google Directions and Location

Workplace Manchester offers great flexibility with  day desk hire, coworking, reserved desks, offices and meeting space.


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