Serviced Offices are a great choice in city Manchester but why are so many people taking this option for their business address.
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Why Serviced Offices should be your first choice

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October, 2015
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“Serviced Offices in Manchester are booming”.  That is an understatement, Workplace opened nearly four years ago and since then the market in coworking and serviced offices has risen tenfold.  In a survey by instant offices, they state that flexible and serviced offices have seen double-digit growth over the last 5 years.

Why are Serviced Offices in Manchester booming?

In the past, it has been thought that taking the option of a serviced office is more expensive than taking a traditional lease.  With prices per sqft hitting up to £40 in Manchester this myth is well and truly busted.  Many people fail to add in some of the additional costs of taking on a traditional lease. These include the costs for broadband, utilities, cleaning, tea and coffee, famine hygiene, telecoms but also the amount of time and hassle this takes.  Talk to any small or midsized company who has taken this step. They will tell you that rather than spending time increasing their sales they were spending time trying to sort out issues.   Not a great time to be doing this when you have just added to your costs.

 Serviced Offices have moved on from just start-ups.

It was viewed that serviced office environments were the place you started up and did not really show you as an established business.  With the likes of KPMG, PWC, Google and Microsoft basing many of their departments in serviced office environments this view has changed. Start-ups are sitting shoulder to shoulder with and benefiting from being alongside established businesses. One of the reasons these businesses are using serviced offices is to meet other businesses and potentially find talent to tap into. They are also realising that for them to attract talent they need to move towards it rather than attract people to a central point.

Serviced Offices give you one cost and nothing else

I have heard people say that once they have signed a contract, they have found there are extra charges for broadband width, copying and lounge use that they thought were added in.  This has been the case in the past with some of the multinationals, but even they are realising this is bad business practice.  At Workplace, for instance, it is one price and the only thing you will ever need to pay extra for is a landline telephone, IP address or Christmas party!  The choice on all of these is yours and it is simply the cost to us that is passed on.  That means in our serviced offices it truly is one cost that covers everything you need to start work.  Added to this are our great personalities to host you and your guests and even the jammy dodgers and custard creams.

 Serviced Offices give you short and long term options

The whole idea of serviced offices is to make sure your business can stay agile.  That might mean scaling up or down at certain times or moving out.  Many businesses now require this kind of flexibility and taking a serviced office is often the best way to achieve this.  Often this is the main benefit of serviced offices as few businesses can now plan for the next 12 months let alone the next ten. Many traditional leases want to tie you in for many years.  Workplace serviced offices have had members who have just wanted office space for 6 weeks and other companies who have been with us for 3 years and scaled up to larger offices over time.

You CAN personalise your space

Some operators don’t accommodate this but Workplace encourages our members to personalise their space.  One company has a specific wallpaper that all their national office brand with.  They are now on their third office with us and we have re-decorated at our cost each time. Other members add TV’s, whiteboards, pictures or their own furnishings to make the office work better for them.

Tap into a community

Often serviced offices are in a mixed environment with co-workers working in other areas for the office space.  This works so well to form a community, share ideas and resources.  There is a definite shared sense of community with office workers and co-workers cross working, having lunch together in the lounge area and benefiting from each other’s existence.



Workplace is a 5-star coworking and serviced office company in Manchester and is perfectly positioned on Oxford Street, close to Oxford Road Station and only 10 minutes walk from Piccadilly Station.  It has easy access with the tram system in Manchester being only a few steps from  Albert Square.  Full Google Directions and Location

Workplace Manchester offers great flexibility with day desk hire, coworking, reserved desks, offices and meeting space.

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6 Tips for Growing your Professional Network

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October, 2015
102 blog posts

Growing your professional network as a business owner, entrepreneur or freelancer is linked to your business success.  This tribe of people can be the sounding board you need, the door opener to opportunities you never knew existed and the answer to the problems you are struggling to solve.  Your professional network should be something that you consciously work on and develop to help your business.

“It is not what you know but who you know” is a well voiced saying.  In Workplace the people that you meet are undoubtedly the key to building your professional network. By its own design people who are in coworking spaces are eager to share their existing networks and invite anyone in to share their connections.

The right connections can get you to places that you never believed you could and here are 6 tips for growing your own professional network;

1. Make your presence known.

At regular opportunities connect with your professional network.  It takes time and effort but making sure that you engage with your professional network as much as possible is the key to success.  This can be on social media, dropping them an email or saying hello at events.  All of this will keep your business network hot, hot, hot.  You need to make sure that you are friendly, warm and open to this so that there are opportunities for people to recommend you, call on you for help and be prepared to make introductions.

2. Give to receive from your professional network

Many of your professional network will have an established large group of people in their network and one great way to make sure that they can see you is to help them.  I am a firm believer in not hounding people to help you but first find a way of helping them.  We are involved in The Business Network which has been great for Workplace. The first 6 months were all about us meeting people who provided our new coffee machine, did legal work and replaced a door system.  Once people could see how open we were to know about them they really started to return the compliment.  We also connected lots of the Workplace members with the connections that we met and again it seemed to start people thinking how they can help us.

3. Attend networking events — online & offline.

There are many meet-ups and local businesses and associations that hold regular events that are great for building your network. Meetup is a great source of the event on offer near to you or in any location.

There are also plenty of networking opportunities online. LinkedIn groups are great and Twitter chats are becoming more popular. Twitter chats allow a huge group of people to participate regardless of their location.

4. Hang out at the same places the people you want to connect with hang out.

This applies to both online and offline — as mentioned above, LinkedIn groups and Twitter chats are great places to connect. If you want to connect with a certain group online, then participate and introduce yourself.

If you know that your kind of contacts are in a certain district or frequent certain events, lunch spots, networking event or coworking spaces then position yourself there.  Be a regular, be seen and introduce yourself to people.  Being open and friendly is essential in building your network and this is the place to be just that.

5. Never be afraid to ask.

We are British, and we don’t ask – that is not polite!

Well the truth is nobody is a mind reader so loose that fear of directness and if you need help, put up your hand.

Want an introduction? Ask for it.

Want a meeting? Ask for it.

Want advice or feedback? Ask for it.

6.Follow up with everyone you connect with.

You will know from the business cards you pass out and the people you meet how few people do this.  Any contact you make can be useful so make sure that you link in, email or connect in anyway you can to start what could be your next fruitful relationship.


Workplace is a 5 star coworking and serviced office company in Manchester and is perfectly positioned on Oxford Street, close to Oxford Road Station and only 10 minutes walk from Piccadilly Station.  It has easy access with the tram system in Manchester being only a few steps from  Albert Square.  Full Google Directions and Location

Workplace Manchester offers great flexibility with  day desk hire, coworking, reserved desks, offices and meeting space.


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