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Pop in and taste our Worker Bee coffee, walk around and see where you’ll be working

I would like to receive updates from The Workplace about openings and updates
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By admin

14th January 2020

Does the power of the coworking community mean coworking has become more typical today than the ‘regular’ workplace? With over 11,000 coworking spaces popping up across the world and reports of 1.18 million people working in this way last year, it seems it could be on its way.

At their core, coworking spaces in Manchester,  like Workplace work to create healthy communities.  They foster professional relationships, adding value to everyone that works there. What’s more, the dynamic energy and unique work culture found in these spaces help reduce the sense of isolation.  Many entrepreneurs experience loneliness when launching and growing a business.

Most coworking professionals relish in this power of collaboration, cooperation, mutual support and social connection. But do others know what they are missing?

Here are 5 reasons the coworking community is a powerful force:

1.The coworking community nurtures personal interactions

Coworking communities thrive when members make an effort to get to know each other in their workplace. The frequency and value of these interactions between members of the community are also crucial.

Most shared workspaces offer regular events, both social and work-related, to foster these interactions. It brings coworking people together, not only for work purposes but for shared interests and developing long term, meaningful personal relationships too.

2.There us a shared identity

In a shared workplace, members share a collective identity—that of an entrepreneur, small business or start-up. Many of these members, while working towards different business goals, have similar purposes which develop a powerful sense of community.

This sense of purpose and shared identity allows coworking members to form strong alliances and support networks. They help each other through shared knowledge, collaboration and also offering services to help each others’ businesses grow.

3.It boosts smaller businesses

Coworking spaces give more power to smaller business, providing them with a voice and a platform to grow.

Within coworking communities, discussions held by influencers are rarely about billion-dollar investments. More frequently, they are about personal success stories and the social impact of the people and small businesses they care deeply for.

4.Coworking increases productivity

64% of coworking members report that they can complete tasks more effectively and efficiently in a coworking space.

Surrounding themselves by like-minded coworking community members, helps members to focus better, help to increase motivation and increase productivity. With the ability to work on projects and tasks at their own pace, those working in coworking spaces can divide their time between projects, work and social activities more effectively.

5.A coworking community combats personal loneliness

Unfortunately, starting a new business or personal venture can be as lonely a job as it is rewarding.

Coworking communities allow new entrepreneurs to meet new people and be individual without feeling isolated. Even better, members can be themselves without the need to build a work persona, and they can be themselves. The coworking community allows members to get involved in social activities when they want to, but also gives them the option to work individually when needed, without pressure to be ‘always on’.

Find out how Workplace in Manchester is the perfect base to join and nurture your fellow coworking community. It’s a shared space for collaboration, building businesses and sharing stories.

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