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Pop in and taste our Worker Bee coffee, walk around and see where you’ll be working

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Be Our Guest

Pop in and taste our Worker Bee coffee, walk around and see where you’ll be working

I would like to receive updates from The Workplace about openings and updates
I accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy*

By admin

28th May 2020

We are here to welcome you back as soon as you are ready.

As the lock-down restrictions begin to lift, our Team is working tirelessly to ensure Workplace is fully ready for your return. We want you to feel confident in returning to Workplace and have worked hard to make sure we are protecting all of us as far as we possibly can.

Below we have detailed the steps we are taking towards creating a safe and comfortable working environment, in line with official PHE and Government advice. We’re looking forward to seeing you very soon

Broadhurst House (formerly Churchgate)

When you arrive at the building please note that access is currently via the Lee House reception on Great Bridgewater Street which brings you into the courtyard at the rear of the coffee shop (this will change as more people return to work). There is currently a one-way policy on the stairs to prevent people from passing each other. The exit is via the fire exit staircase at the rear of the fourth floor.

Access is still 24/7 and Workplace reception will be open as usual. We encourage all our members to stagger their shifts and travel off-peak hours where possible.

Social Distancing

As advised by the Government, we will actively promote a culture of awareness for all our members, team and visitors, through multiple signs across the floor. Please remember to keep a safe 2-metre distance from others where possible. We have created a one-way system in certain areas to ensure as little passing as possible, please follow the signs and adhere to the walkway.

We will be limiting the seating in the lounge and hotdesks so everyone can sit at a safe distance. Please ensure that your belongings stay within your area. There will also be a queue system around the coffee station and it might be worth considering bringing your own water bottles at this time. We are also asking members to please place any dirty dishes straight into the dishwasher. There will also be spray and wipes for you to wipe down any touchpoints in the kitchen after use.

Hand Sanitisers

Please can you and your guests wash your hands on arrival at Workplace. There is hand soap and antibacterial gel available throughout the floor for you to use.


In line with the Government advice, we will not require our team, members or visitors to wear PPE. However, if you or any of your guests would like to, we have spare PPE available from reception.

Cleaning Routine

Upon your return to the office. As you know we already have very high standards of cleanliness at Workplace, however, going forward this will be even more of a priority. Toilets will be checked, and touchpoints cleaned every few hours, as will all touchpoints throughout the floor.

There will be antibacterial spray and wipes on each of the hotdesks for members to wipe down and clean their space on arrival and departure.

The offices are asked to try and keep an empty desk policy where possible and to again wipe their desks on arrival and departure. If the main person from each office needs any advice on the Government guidelines and how they can implement them in their own space, please just ask one of the team.


For the time being, we are keeping a diary of who will be in and when so we can manage the space on the floor. If you can drop us an email at the beginning of each week to let us know when you plan to be in – please email [email protected] with the reference ‘schedule’. If one person from each office can please let us know their teams’ whereabouts that would be much appreciated.

We realise this is not always possible as your diary can change but it will just give us an idea of the number of people on the floor at any one time.

Extra Space

During this time, we are utilising the meeting rooms and the available offices to give extra space to the offices should they need it as we realise it is not always possible to social distance in some of the spaces if all of your team are in. Again, please just let us know on your email regarding your schedule when you will need extra room and we will reserve space for you where we can.

The Phone Booth... still available for one person at a time and there will be antibacterial spray and wipes for you to wipe down any surfaces you touch before and after use.

The Workplace team will do their utmost to ensure that we can all work as normally as possible and we will be staggering our shifts to comply with these new guidelines. As well as upholding this policy ourselves, we will be extra vigilant about cleanliness, hygiene and social distancing. We appreciate your efforts to take responsibility for your own safety and that of those around you.

With that in mind please do not come to Workplace if you are unwell or have been in contact with anyone who is suspected of having COVID-19. If you fall ill with symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days of using the space, it is essential that you contact us immediately and isolate at home in line with government guidelines.

Our Covid-19 Policy will be updated as and when information changes.